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What They’re Saying

"Before the session I was not really clued up on what hypnotherapy was. But after the treatment it definitely helped me in so many ways. It has taught me calming exercises to deal with my anxiety levels. It taught me how to 'live in the moment' and not worry about the 'what ifs'. It also helped me on a relationship level, as I have new techniques on how to help deal with myself / partner. After only three sessions I feel a heavy weight has lifted on a day to day basis.

I would 100% recommend Ashley to anyone I know who is in the same position as me struggling with anxiety levels."


Scott, Southampton (2021)


Neil Campbell, Leeds, (2021)

‘Turning point’
I’m sharing this with you because now I can, and if you’re anything like me, admitting you need
help is the hardest thing.
I was in a hole, a pretty dark place, doing all I could to keep up appearances, and things for me
were getting serious. The most difficult and awkward thing to do was to arrange a meeting, but
this was my turning point. My first session with Ash was a conversation unlike anything I’d
expected. People usually offer solutions, ideas, recommendations, or worse, just tell you to ‘click
out of it’, but that didn’t happen here. Ash has a unique talent for slowing it down, putting things
at ease, giving me the time, space and freedom to express myself without judgement or
pressure. He facilitates our meetings in a way that enables me to work it out for myself.
Getting back to the better me is a journey, there are ups and downs, but the overall direction of
travel is super positive, I wouldn’t have made such swift progress (if any) without Ash.
He’ll create a safe place, have courage, make the call.

Through hypnotherapy I thought to myself that finally I may have a solution to my anxious and overwhelming episodes, which have bothered me for years. 

I did not know what to fully expect, even after being told what the experience of hypnotherapy is like. At the first session I was nervous but felt so relaxed as the session progressed, by the second session I was looking forward to going into a relaxed state, and forgetting all my worries during the hour. The knowledge Ashley portrayed was amazing, everything just sticks in your mind and you remember everything during your day to day life.

I have learned too overcome things which I would normally find worrying and nerve wrecking, and I have learned to breathe and tell myself I can do certain things I thought I never could.

Although anxiety may never disappear completely, I now know how to deal with it in a new and refreshing way.

I could not recommend Ashley enough, the friendly and calming tone when he speaks so much sense is mind blowing.

Whoever may be struggling and not know where to start, I hope they find their way to Ashley for the advice, as it will change their life for sure.

I am looking forward to future sessions, so that I continue to feel complete and happy.


Adriana, Southampton (2022)

I was recommended to Ashley by a friend. I was very unsure about hypnotherapy as you commonly see it being mis displayed on TV.

I felt very at ease after having a phone call with Ashley before my session. I was struggling with a fear of needles, and I needed to do something about it. I had several sessions, and by the end of the third session I was able to have some blemishes removed from my face via a needle, which is something I never thought I could handle.

Ashley had not only helped with techniques and mindset towards my fear, but I also felt much more positive about my day to day life.

I would recommend Ashley for anyone, even if you do not think you need it. Everyone could benefit from Hypnotherapy.

Kyran (Southampton) 2022