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About Ashley

Ashley Garland, BA hons, Dip CAH, HPD, NCH (reg).

I am a fully qualified NCH registered Clinical Hypnotherapist with practice listings on Hypnotherapy Directory, & The National Council for Hypnotherapy search directories.  
Hypnotherapy sessions will typically last for one hour, beginning with
conversations to ascertain the client’s aims and desired outcomes, followed by a
focus on relaxation techniques, and guided deep relaxation, otherwise known as
We all think, feel, and behave due to a combination of our biology and
experiences, our mind is the engine that we need to take care of, just as we would
service and maintain our car engines. I believe that hypnotherapy is a great tool for
servicing our mind both consciously and unconsciously, and as a Hypnotherapist I
will aim to help clients succeed in their desired outcomes by utilising the mind
body connection, by bridging the gap between the conscious and unconscious
mind, this connection underpins every thought we have, and subsequently every
behaviour and action that we take.

I have twenty years experience working as a carer with teenagers in the residential sector. Hypnotherapy is an effective therapy for teenagers, as their younger minds are more open to positive suggestion, alongside their natural ability to utilise their imagination during deep relaxation and visualisation.


Relaxed approach, relaxed experience.

I have always believed that everyone has the right to ‘pursue happiness’,
sometimes our life experiences mean that our own minds can obstruct us from
feeling contentment. I believe that hypnotherapy is a fantastic tool for personal
change and growth, my personal and professional goal is to help my clients
achieve their desired outcomes by helping them to utilise their own emotional
resources in a positive way.