‘Turning point’
I’m sharing this with you because now I can, and if you’re anything like me, admitting you need
help is the hardest thing.
I was in a hole, a pretty dark place, doing all I could to keep up appearances, and things for me
were getting serious. The most difficult and awkward thing to do was to arrange a meeting, but
this was my turning point. My first session with Ash was a conversation unlike anything I’d
expected. People usually offer solutions, ideas, recommendations, or worse, just tell you to ‘click
out of it’, but that didn’t happen here. Ash has a unique talent for slowing it down, putting things
at ease, giving me the time, space and freedom to express myself without judgement or
pressure. He facilitates our meetings in a way that enables me to work it out for myself.
Getting back to the better me is a journey, there are ups and downs, but the overall direction of
travel is super positive, I wouldn’t have made such swift progress (if any) without Ash.
He’ll create a safe place, have courage, make the call.

Neil Campbell Leeds (2021)

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